Ozdare is a brand that brings the finest hair products to salons across Australia. Being solely a wholesale and distributions company, Ozdare approached Head On to provide an e-commerce solution not just for their brand but for affiliated salons to sell products to their own customers.




With the rising need for Salons to have an online e-commerce presence, Ozdare wanted to be at the forefront of providing the solution to their retail partners. A re-vamped website was required with a modern e-comm platform alongside a simple, watertight affiliate program so that salons could send clients to the website and be rewarded for their sales.


We designed a simple yet strong website and built it on the Shopify platform for ease of inventory, 3rd party software and customer management. We integrated and customised an affiliate system that allowed for salons to sign up and begin selling direct to their own customers without needing to purchase any stock themselves.


Hundreds of salons are now using the affiliate system through the Shopify store giving them options to sell online during the strict lockdowns in Australia.

Checkout Ozdare website at www.ozdare.com or on instagram @ozdare