Jo Mercer


After a long working relationship with the Jo Mercer team we were briefed to take their marketing campaign to the next level and target a younger market. With stores all across Australia, the brand has great point of sale positioning in major retail spaces, plus a growing online presence that would benefit greatly from a fresh an exciting new look.


Our job was to develop a creative direction that could attract this younger market, take the concept to production and deliver the campaign for print outcomes in-store and outdoor, web, social media and advertising collateral.


Introducing: The LA Story featuring the multi talented model/influencer Elyse Knowles, an A-Grade creative team that we assembled from across the globe and the most architecturally famous mansion in the Hollywood Hills; The Stahl House.


Across 2 days in LA we shot 19 campaign shots for print in aprox 70 stores in Aus, plus usage across all digital channels. We produced 11 video pieces that were featured across media channels as well as in-store and online. Finally 150+ pieces of social content that lasted months.